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Cola Co-op Art Collective Membership Registration Form

Congratulations on being selected and approved for the Cola Co-op Best Art Collective In NYC 2022.

This offer is presented only to artists that have shared artwork in the recent past and have a cannabis/crypto influence in their social conversation.

Please submit this registration form, following which you will receive:

- Cola Co-op Art Collective 2022 POAP Badge

- Cola Co-op Art Collective Artist NFT Verification Badge - NYC 2022

- Cola Co-op Art Collective - Artists In NYC Directory Listing & Profile Page

- Members get access to the Cola Fiesta 2022 Brand Awareness Program; the Cola Co-op Art Collective Review Board will promote you and your artwork on social media and multiple marketing platforms including ads targeting specific NFT clients in NYC city and surrounding areas during June 19-24, 2022

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or SMS COLA ART to +1(415) 936-7377